• Discover DomeThe Discovery Dome is a portable, spherical digital theater. Your students will enjoy the 360 degree viewing experience to immerse themselves into content learning. A variety of shows have been purchased covering topics from the human body, space science, ancient civilizations and more. See below for a complete list of the shows and links to preview them online.

    Once inflated, the Discovery dome is 10 feet high and 17 feet in diameter.

    There is a fee to rent the Discovery Dome and training is required before you are able to checkout the Discovery Dome. Contact us for more information.

  • Discovery Dome Training

  • All Ages: 3,000 Years of Stargazing

  • All Ages: Back to the Moon

  • All Ages: Dark Matter Mystery

  • All Ages: Five Great Circles of Earth Mini

  • All Ages: Flight Adventures

  • All Ages: Habitat Earth

  • All Ages: The Hot and Energetic Universe

  • All Ages: The Incredible Sun

  • All Ages: Journey to Mars

  • All Ages: Losing the Dark

  • All Ages: New Horizons For a Little Planet

  • All Ages: The Seasons Mini

  • All Ages: Seeing

  • All Ages: Solar Eclipses Mini

  • All Ages: Sunstruck

  • All Ages: Tides Mini

  • All Ages: Two Small Pieces of Glass

  • Grades 0-2: One World One Sky

  • Grades 2+: Earth's Wild Ride

  • Grades 2+: Great Planet Adventures

  • Grades 2-4: We Choose Space

  • Grades 2-8: Dinosaur Prophecy

  • Grades 2-8: Force Five

  • Grades 2-8: Ice Worlds

  • Grades 2-8: Saturn the Ring World

  • Grades 3+: Body Code

  • Grades 3+: IBEX: Search For the Edge of the Solar System

  • Grades 3+: Lucy's Cradle

  • Grades 3+: Navajo Skies

  • Grades 3+: Secrets of the Dead Sea

  • Grades 4+:Night of the Titanic

  • Grades 6-12: Fate of Maya

  • Grades 6-12: Hubble Vision

  • Grades 9-12: From the Earth to the Universe


  • Stellarium is a free open source planetarium program you can use in the Discovery Dome. It shows a realistic sky in 3D, just like what you see with the naked eye, binoculars or a telescope.  Unlike a show which plays automatically, you will guide the students through the night sky in real time. The program is already downloaded on the Discovery Dome computer, however you may want to become familiar with it before use.  Below are some links and tips in working with this program.

    Stellarium Wiki

    Stellarium Homepage

    Stellarium User Guide