• The fundamental concepts of Graphic Design are the basics of some of today's most dynamic fields of advertising and publishing. The course format is integrated with hands-on experience, where theory is learned through lectures, tutorials and research. Our students work on realistic projects throughout the year, specifically aimed at developing creative and technical skills and preparing them for the real world of the design professional.

Graphic Design

  • Grade Placement:   10, 11, 12……….2 credits (Block Class) ……….Full Year
    Art Kit Fee:  $50.00

    Recommended:  Art I
    Students will learn how to use and apply effective design principles, typography, color theory, and graphics to appeal to audiences. They will be learning to use professional design software (Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop) to build multi-page publications for print/multi-media applications, create vector/raster graphics, and how to edit artwork. This course will help students build and explore their own visual communication abilities.

Digital Art & Photography

  • (Formerly Digital Design - students who took Digital Design in the past will not be able to take this course)

    Grade Placement:   10, 11, 12……….2 credits (Block Class) ……….Full Year
    Recommended: Graphic Design or Introduction to Advertising Art.

    Lab Fee: $20.00
    During this year-long course, students will learn how to use a DSLR camera, and use Photoshop to edit and improve their images and improve their understanding of photography. They will also be learning to use Illustrator and to create animations and vector and raster illustrations that can be used on the web in videos or to produce t-shirts, posters and logos. This course is designed to help students learn to apply design composition, typography, and color theory to create artwork that looks professional and will help them grow as designers and photographers.