Medical Related Careers I

  • Grade Placement: 10, 11, 12…….……..1 credit…….…….Full Year                                  

    This year-long course provides students with information relating to the educational and professional requirements for the various medical careers.  Students will study the history of medicine, safety, fundamentals of disease transmission and prevention, basic anatomy and physiology and medical terminology.  Students will complete First Aid and BLS This course is a prerequisite for Medical Related Careers II, Certified Nursing Assistant, and Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries.

Advanced Medical Careers

  • Grade Placement:  11, 12……….1 credit ….....Semester 1 or 2  

    Prerequisite: Medical Related Careers, current First Aid & BLS for Healthcare Providers
    Fees:  $15 plus the cost of required vaccinations, TB test, & "My Clinical Exchange" registration fee if job shadowing in a hospital/clinical setting

    This course will expand on the knowledge gained in Medical Related Careers, with medical career emphasis. Students will have the opportunity to explore various medical careers through research, professional guest speakers, college tours, clinical simulations, and potential job shadows. The curriculum is designed to enhance student employability skills and professional medical career readiness. If job shadowing: up-to-date vaccinations including influenza and possible COVID vaccinations (per individual facility policy), and a negative TB test are required.  All students must have a background check if job shadowing. The student is responsible for necessary vaccinations, testing, and transportation to job shadow sites and tours.  

Certified Nursing Assistant

  • Grade Placement: 11, 12….....1 credit….....Semester 1 or 2

    Prerequisite: Medical Related Careers I including First Aid & CPR/AED for Healthcare Providers
    Fees: $25 plus cost of flu vaccination

    This course provides classroom instruction and clinical practice to prepare the student for employment as a CNA in a skilled nursing facility, acute care, or home health care setting. Upon successful completion of clinical hours and course requirements, students are eligible to take the state exam through the North Dakota Board of Nursing. Up to date vaccinations including influenza and a TB test are required per facility policy, as is a current Healthcare Provider CPR/AED certification. (Refresher course will be offered.) Students 18 years or older must have a background check. The student is responsible for necessary vaccinations, transportation to clinical sites, and the state exam fee.  State mandated clinical hours are outside of class time.  

Prevention & Care

  • Grade Placement:  11, 12……….1 credit ….....Semester 1 or 2

    Prerequisite: Medical Related Careers I including First Aid & CPR/AED for Healthcare Providers (must be current)
    Fee: $15

    This is an introduction to Sports Medicine. Topics discussed: prevention, recognition, rehabilitation and immediate care of athletic injuries; equipment fitting; basic nutrition, plus hands-on activities; taping and wrapping techniques. Classroom learning is enhanced through job shadow experiences. Successful completion of this course fulfills the prerequisites for becoming a Sports Medicine Assistant with BPS. (There is a difference between a student manager and a Sports Medicine Assistant.) The student is responsible for transportation to job shadow sites. Dual credit through the University of Mary is available.

Medical Terminology - Online

  • Grade Placement:  11, 12………..….1/2 credit………….….Semester 1 or 2 Online
    Requirement: Must be 16 years of age

    This course will be offered as a dual credit course with Rasmussen College through the MRACTC. It is offered in an online format with proctored tests.  In this course, students will develop skills necessary for decoding commonly used medical terms. Students will learn the meaning of medical suffixes, prefixes and word roots. This medical terminology course covers the basic knowledge and understanding of medical language and terminology used by healthcare professionals. This course requires students to work independently and manage their time well.

Internship - Health Careers

  • Grade Placement: 11, 12…………... ½ credit………….. Semester 1 or 2, or both

    Prerequisite: Student must have earned one full credit in a specific pathway of a CTE Coordinated Plan of Study.

    An internship may be a paid or unpaid out-of-the-classroom job experience in which a student is teamed with a company or organization to extend the classroom learning.  An application must be completed and approved prior to registration for the class.  To begin the application process, schedule an appointment with your career advisor.  Transportation to and from the training site is the responsibility of the student.  Students must be enrolled in six classes (junior year) or five classes (senior year) in addition to the internship.  Students must complete 75 hours of work for ½ credit.