Weather Policies

  • Inclement Weather/Snow Day Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    The health and safety of your child will be the major consideration when making decisions about the appropriateness of going outside during extremely cold or wet conditions. Other considerations will be the need of children for fresh air, exercise, work breaks, and unstructured play time for social development. Students should come to school dressed appropriately to be outside during the weather expected that day. BPS Elementary Schools have jointly developed a guideline which states that outdoor recess will not normally occur when the wind chill drops below -10 degrees Fahrenheit (based on the National Weather Service website). Keep in mind that actual time outside during recess breaks is generally limited to about ten-fifteen minutes. Based on the relative openness or protection of a particular school site, variations in this guideline will exist.

Weather Conditions

Coat Policy

  • Please be sure your child wears the appropriate clothing to school.

    Feels like Temperature What the class must wear
    Lower than 40 F Coats
    40 F to 49 F Long sleeves  or coats
    50 F or higher Short sleeves, long sleeves