• Title I Website for Parents

    This website is for parents to help them easily find information on ways to become involved, access information regarding a school or district, and obtain resources aimed at helping to better enable children to succeed in school.

    District Parent Involvement Policy 2020-2021 *updated 2/10/21

    Six Types of Involvement: Keys to Successful Partnerships
    The basis of the National Network of Partnership Schools model, providing a framework of six types of activities to build and sustain a comprehensive program of family and community partnerships: (1) Parenting, (2) Communicating, (3) Volunteering, (4) Learning at Home, (5) Decision Making, and (6) Collaborating with the Community

    Targeted Title I Student Selection Process

    In targeted schools, (Grimsrud), Title I law requires that the selection of Title I students be based on objective, uniformly applied criteria given to all students at each grade level.  The Bismarck Title I program utilize the criteria contained in this document in consideration of student selection.


    The Pathfinder Parent Training and Information Center(PTI)views parents as full partners in the educational process and a significant source of support and assistance to each other. The PTI's are funded by the Office of Innovation and Improvement, Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP), U.S. Department of Education, "to provide training and information to parents to enable such individuals to participate more effectively with professionals in meeting the educational needs of children with disabilities," as stated in PL 98-199.

    School Library Catalogs (link)

    Search an individual school library catalog.

    BPS Library Resources for Parent Checkout through Destiny: Select the District Media Library Office, click on the 'Categories' tab at the far right and select 'Parent Resources' from the list. The library services catalog uses a login username and password. Call the District Library office for checkout assistance - 323-4075.

    What if I have a question or concern?

    Bismarck Public Schools Dispute Resolution Procedure

    If you have questions or concerns about any Title Federal programs and/or the services your child is receiving, please take steps as soon as possible to resolve the situation.

    If concerns cannot be resolved Federal regulations require that each district adopt procedures for receiving and resolving disputes pertaining to the Federal Title program. Bismarck Public Schools Dispute Resolution procedures can be found at the above link.