• Tech Ed & Engineering

    Technology Education continues to evolve with the birth of new technologies in our society. As the technologies have funneled us into a smaller and faster moving world our student society needs to keep up with our technological society. Technology Education has developed their curriculum in order to reflect these changes.

    In a word, Technology Education is about Innovation, through people, tools and processes. Developing Technologies is about how people think. Technology Education is about developing problem solving skills and creating opportunities within an educational context.


  • Grade Placement: 10, 11, 12……..….1 credit (Block Class) ……….Semester 1 or 2 

    Architectural Design students will master the technical skills of the industry software, Computer Aided Drafting and Design (CADD), and in the process will produce architectural plans and 3D computer models. In addition, students will sketch floor plans, conduct materials tests, and build scale architectural models from sketches and blueprints. Bismarck-Mandan architects will provide professional insights into the architectural design process and local projects.

Building Systems

  • Grade Placement:  9, 10, 11, 12……..….1 credit (Block Class)……….Semester 1 or 2

    If you enjoy any type of woodworking and construction this class is for you.  Students will explore the various sections of residential building, constructing of framing walls for siding, windows and doors, dry walling, mudding, taping, and texturing along with fixing holes in the wall. Students will learn the different types of woods and wood composites. In addition, students run a breaker box and run electrical wiring to the various lighting and electrical outlets within the structure. Projects using stone, tile, and concrete are introduced. As the semester finishes all students will design, create, and build a final project. 

Creative Engineering

  • Grade Placement:  10, 11, 12……..….1 credit (Block Class)……….Semester 1 or 2

    Prerequisite: 10th grade students must have successfully completed one Career Academy or Tech Center class

    Are you considering a career in engineering? A major focus of this class will be on tunderstanding what engineers do and how they solve problems.  Yo uwill learn about the engineering design process, including defining the problem, identifying criteria for success, discussing potential ethical issues, brainstorming conceptual designs, and formulating the detailed (final) design.  Students can work in teams on a design problem, and in the process will experience the engineering design approach. Students will be able to make engineering choices for their own projects based on what they have learned.

Energy & Power Production


    Grade Placement:  10, 11, 12……..….1 credit (Block Class)……….Semester 1 or 2

    If you are interested in the energy industry, then take a look at what this class has to offer. Hands-on activities include tool safety, building wind turbines, solar cars, catapults, hydroelectric turbines, duct tape boats, hydrogen fuel cells, and a LED light project that you get to take home. Tours that may be possible are of the BSC Energy Center, oil well pads/reclaimed land by Medora, a power plant, a processing plant, and a job-shadow day at Coteau Freedom Mine where you can ride-along in the coal hauling trucks and in the dragline. Students will learn how to use various motors, gears, and mechanisms that utilize a variety of energy sources. They will examine various forms of energy including mechanical, chemical, nuclear, electrical, and heat energy.


  • Grade Placement:  9, 10, 11, 12……..….1 credit (Block Class)……….Semester 1 or 2

    The Robotics experience will provide the student with an overall study of robotic construction and blue tooth control.  The class will study the physics and mechanical systems and aspects through relevant activities and projects.  The robotic equipment used for this class will be Vex Robotics systems.  Robots to be built may include the crane, square bots, speed bot, stair climbers along with robotic arms and possible battle bots.

Foundations of Technology

  • Grade Placement:  9, 10……..….1 credit (Block Class)……….Semester 1 or 2

    Do you like building things?  Do you like working with your hands?  Learn through group and individual activities that engage in creating ideas, developing innovations, and engineering practical solutions.  Some hands-on activities that are possible: tool safety; CADD designed Co2 car dragsters; rockets; manufacturing in the wood shop with the mini-lathe & building a small wood project; laser engraver; sticker maker; bridge design, building robots, and an energy & power unit with a possible tour of Coteau, Antelope Valley Station, and Dakota Gasification Company in Beulah.

Technical Design/ 3D Modeling

  • Grade Placement:  10, 11, 12……..….1 credit (Block Class)……….Semester 1 or 2

    Students will develop skills necessary for the designing and modifying of products and projects.  Students will use 3D printers, laser cutters and other machines to produce models and protoypes of the designed product.  This class allows individual students the creativeness throughout the designing and building phase of their project.  Solidworks is a professional design software program used in this class.