Applied Mechanics

  • Grade Placement:  9, 10, 11, 12……….2 credits (Block Class)……….Full Year                    

    Leather boots, welding gloves, and safety glasses are required.  Coveralls or old set of clothes strongly suggested. This program includes: tool identification, the study of small engine repair, farm engine maintenance and tune up, repair using oxyacetylene, MIG and arc welding, repair of farm machinery and building of small metal projects. Further studies include: agriculture carpentry, building of small & medium wood projects & buildings, surveying, construction techniques and materials, concrete, plumbing, electricity, and utilities. The use of hand and power tools for projects is also included in the mechanics program. Leadership through FFA is an optional part of this course.


  • Grade Placement:  10, 11, 12….2 credits (Block Class)….Full Year   

    Alternative credit:  Fulfills up to 2 science credits for graduation; however both semesters of this course will fulfill only one college entrance science requirement credit. Successful completion of both semesters of Botany/Horticulture are required to fulfill the biology requirement for graduation.

    This course, offered at the CTE Center on the BSC campus, is designed to give hands-on instruction in skills related to nurseries, greenhouses, florist shops, lawn services, landscaping, park and landscape maintenance, gardening, and fruit production.

Agri Science

  • Grade Placement:  10, 11, 12……….1 credit (Block Class)……….Semester 1 or 2                                          

    Alternative credit:  Fulfills one science credit for graduation; however, this one semester course will fulfill only ½ college entrance requirement credit for science.
    This Agri-Science Technology course is intended to introduce students to scientific, production, and mechanical concepts of agriculture and relating it to today’s technology. It includes the study of agricultural plants, animals, soils, ag business, horticulture, pesticides, computers, carpentry, mechanics, and food technology.  Field trips to various Ag related businesses are taken throughout the semester.  Leadership through FFA is an optional part of this course. 

Introduction to Agriculture

  • Grade Placement:  9, 10, 11, 12………1 credit (Block Class)……………Semester 1 or 2

    This applied course is designed to introduce students to agriculture, its applications, and leadership development as the core foundation of the Agriculture Education program.  Individual units will familiarize the student with safety and proper use of tools and equipment; animal selection and genetic traits; soil and plant relationships; basic business management and financial skills. Other topics include: soils, horticulture, nursery, natural resources/wildlife management, and biotechnology. Emphasis is on developing problem solving skills applied to real world problems.  FFA and leadership skills are an integral part of this course.