Reserve a Paw

  • 1) Open Calendar Paw by clicking on the correct PAW below.

    2) Add your "Project Teacher's Last Name".

    3) Click: "Save". 

    Digital PAW A (Collaborative Group Work) 

    Digital PAW B (Collaborative Group Work) 

    Digital PAW C (Collaborative Group Work) 

    Digital PAW D (Collaborative Group Work) 

    Maker PAW (Create & Innovate) 

    Present PAW (Presentation Practice)

    Reader PAW (Lit Circles & Studying) 

    Studio PAW (Audio & Video Recording)   

    You MUST watch "HMS Studio Paw Training" video BEFORE using Studio Paw.

    Please reserve at least 2 blocks (15 min. each) unless you are just finishing up.

     STEAM PAW (STEAM Projects)

    Only HMS Staff can reserve STEAM PAW.  HMS Teacher MUST be present in STEAM PAW at all times.

    Literacy PAW (Staff Resource Room)

    Only HMS Staff can reserve Literacy PAW.

    HMS Teacher MUST be present in Literacy PAW at all times.