• Small Group Counseling

    As a part of our school’s guidance program, students have the opportunity to participate in small group counseling sessions.  Small group time is one method of providing support for students.  It can also provide some additional time for students to learn and practice specific skills.  Groups meet once each week, during the school day, for approximately 30 minutes. Groups typically run for 8-12 sessions.  Group availability is selected by the counselor based on the amount of need.  Since groups consist of students of similar ages, a group is only offered if there are several requests at a grade level.  If a group is unavailable, the counselor can provide short-term individual support for a student. Some common topics for groups include: developing friendship skills, managing emotions, and adjusting to family changes.

    Students can be recommended for a group by a teacher or parent.  If you are interested in having your child participate in a group, you may contact the school counselor directly or talk with your child’s teacher.  Only students who have their parent’s permission will be allowed to join a small group.