Freshmen Foundation

  • "Laying the Foundation for a Successful High School Career"

     Legacy High School's Freshmen Foundation has been developed to provide a positive transition experience to help prepare and integrate freshmen into expectations of the high school culture, and the rigor of more challenging course work. The Foundation aims to give students a better foundation in honoring the SABER code through guidance and lessons in successful communication, time management, advocacy, and responsibiligy among other skills. Freshmen Foundation will focus on graduation requirements, character building, and proper study habits that they can use throughout their high school experience.


    The vision of the Legacy High School Freshmen Foundation is to develop an intrinsic curiosity for learning that students will carry to future academic and civic participation as well as adult social responsibility. The skills Freshmen Foundation will focus on are:

    • Time management and organizational skills.
    • Development of personal responsibility (meeting deadlines, self-advocacy, and taking responsibility for behavior).
    • Life skills, stress management, and communication skills (leadership, social and health)
    • Graduation requirements
    • Among other necessary skills as the need arises


    The mission of the Legacy High School Freshmen Foundation is to provide an environment where students will be empowered with the skills to manage academic and social responsibilities expected of a well-rounded high school student and improve the transition between middle and high school. The Freshmen Foundation will provide an educational setting for all students, which will prepare them for academic and social success.

    For more information on Legacy's Freshmen Foundation, please view our booklet.




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