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    The Employee Assistance Program through The Standard is a support service that can help you take the first step towards change.   All employees are eligible for the EAP Assistance Program. 

    Workhealthlife provides immediate, and confidential assistance for any work, health, or life concern.  They provide six (6) counseling sessions per situation without cost to employee and their families.  Their contact number is 1-888-293-6948.  Other options to chat, text email, or download the app can be found on the link below.  More resources and tools can also be found on the link below.

    Workhealthlife - EAP Program
    - (enter Bismarck Public Schools under "search for your organization")
    - Bismarck Public Schools will then show up on the drop down box.
    - Information for contact options will be found on the right once you enter the organization.
    - Contact Number:  1-888-293-6948

    Workhealthlife Brochure

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