Free and Reduced Lunch Application

  • Free/Reduced Meal Applications for our 2019-20 school year are being accepted for K-12 students from July 1 thru the end of the school year.  


    Apply online at  Our online application is now available! 

    IMPORTANT REMINDER TO PARENT OR GUARDIANA new Free/Reduced Meal Application must be submitted every school year for meal benefits to be renewed.  To avoid a lapse in meal benefits for 2019-20 school year, you must submit a new application by mail, in person or online by October 1, 2019.  Families can apply anytime and multiple times, if needed, during the school year as family needs change.      

    Online and Paper Applications for 2019-20 school year are being accepted NOW.   Paper Applications can be submitted to 806 N. Washington St. in person or by mail and also dropped off at your students school office.

    Free or Reduced meal benefits DO NOT rollover from year to year you must re-apply.   If you qualified for Free or Reduced Meal benefits during the previous school year, a 30 school day grace period will be applied.  Your benefits will then expire after the first 30 school days of new year if a new application has not been received.  If no application is received, your students will be charged for their lunches until the application is received, entered, and approved for benefits.  These meal charges will not be reversed, and will become the parents obligation to pay.

    Applications are accepted anytime during the school year. If your household income changes at anytime during the school year and you think you may quaify for Free or Reduced Meal benefits, you can apply Online or submit a Free/Reduced application at your students school or to the Child Nutrition Dept. at the Hughes Administration Building, 806 N. Washington St., Bismarck.

    When students are approved for Free or Reduced meals, it covers reimbursable meals and does not include any Ala-Carte items.  Ala-carte is additional food items that can be purchsed at full price if a students has funds in their lunch account or cash to cover the cost.  There is no charging allowed of Ala-carte items.

    Applications can be submitted in one of the following ways:

    1. Apply online at online application is now available!  
    2. Drop it off at your childs school (after Aug. 1) 
    3. Drop it off at the Hughes Admistrations Building at 806 N Washington St. (office hours are M-F from 7:30am-4pm)
    4. Mail to: BPS Child Nutrition Dept., 806 N. Washington Street, Bismarck, ND 58501.  

    Click this link to print a paper copy of the 2019-20 Free or Reduced Meal Application.

Income Eligibility Guidelines

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.