• Students will study the fundamentals of the entire automobile, including disassembly and overhaul techniques with emplasis on troubleshooting.  Automobile operation, servicing, and repair will be covered.



    The student will:

    Develop safety habits around automobiles and equipment.
    Learn the operating, construction, and principles behind today's automotive engine.
    Disassemble and assemble an automotive engine and learn overhaul techniques.
    Develop the use of precision measuring instruments and up-to-date diagnostic equipment.
    Develop skill in understanding and using diagnostic service and shop manuals with emphasis on problem solving techniques.

    NATEF Certified

    The Auto Tech program is NATEF certified in 4 areas:
    *Engine Repair
    *Electrical & Electronics
    *Heating & Air Conditioning


Automotive Technology I

  • Grade Placement:  10, 11, 12……….2 credits (Block Class) ………. Full Year

    Course Titles:  Auto Shop Orientation, Engine diagnosis, Electrical/Electronic Systems, Suspension and Steering Student Requirements:  Instructor approved full-leather work boots, OHSA approved clear lens safety glasses, locker padlock if desired The focus of Auto Tech I is the fundamentals of today’s more complicated automobile engines, electronic and suspension systems. Students will learn proper safety techniques, as well as the use of specialized equipment in the diagnosis and repair of these systems. The program maintains NATEF Certification under the direction of ASE Master Certified Technicians.  Students are encouraged to work on their own personal vehicles as course guidelines direct.  The goal of the course is to prepare students to become entry level technicians in the area of maintenance and light repair.  Participation in SkillsUSA is recommended.

Automotive Technology II

  • Grade Placement: 11, 12…..…….2 credits (Block Class) ……..….Full Year                    

    Prerequisite: Automotive Technology I and instructor’s approval
    Course Titles:  Brakes, Heating and Air conditioning, Engine Performance, Manual Drivetrain and Axles, Automatic Transmission and Transaxle
    Student Requirements: Instructor approved work boots, OHSA approved clear lens safety glasses, locker padlock if desired

    Automotive Technology II completes the automobile training bumper to bumper.  This class is also a NATEF certified program with the goal of preparing students to become entry level Maintenance and Light Repair Technicians.  Students are strongly encouraged to enroll in both Automotive Technology I and II to accumulate a thorough working knowledge of the automobile.  Work on students’ vehicles is also encouraged as course work dictates.  Participation in SkillsUSA is recommended.