• Under most circumstances, prescription and non-prescription medication should be taken before or after school, and under parent or medical supervision. If a student must take or receive prescription or non-prescription medication while on school property or during district-sponsored events, his/her parent must first submit written authorization. District staff may monitor all situations involving student medication, and inspect any medications brought onto District premises. If written, parental authorization is not on file at a school, student medication may be confiscated and parents notified.
    NOTE: All medications brought onto school grounds must be in their original packaging, with the pharmacy label (prescription) or package instructions (nonprescription) clearly intact and readable. Parents, please deliver new medications and refills to the school office.

    School Medication Policy

    Forms must be completed for prescription and non-prescription medication administered at school unless you have already completed a Health Plan which includes authorization for medication. For additional information about medications at school, please review the Parent Instructions for Students Taking Medications. For further questions contact your child's school office.

    Parent Instructions for Students Taking Medications (pdf)

    Medication Administration Authorization: Preschool/Elementary (pdf)

    Medication Administration Authorization: Middle/High Schools (pdf)