• What are Husky Ambassadors?
    Husky Ambassadors are students who are involved in a variety of student led activities. They help create a positive school community by using their leadership skills to gain school-wide support on important initiatives.

    Who would make a good Husky Ambassador?
    Husky Ambassadors are students who possess some or all of the following leadership qualities: responsible, dependable, friendly, outgoing, motivated, goal-orientated, positive attitude, passionate, knowledgeable, professional, and comfortable speaking in front of peers and teachers.

    How do I become a Husky Ambassador?
    1. Student Application
    2. Attach the TWO completed Teacher Recommendation forms
    ***Note: The Teacher Recommendation and Student Application forms will be reviewed by the counselors and final decisions will be made soon thereafter*** 

    REQUIREMENTS: Students must be in good academic standing. If you are not in good academic standing please speak with your counselor.

    Who advises Husky Ambassadors?
     Your school counselors: Mr. Kurtz and Mrs. Wahlin

    How much time do I have to commit if I want to be a Husky Ambassador?
    Students must be willing to volunteer their time when needed throughout the school year, this includes but is not limited to:
    1. 2 monthly meetings (every other Thursday @ 7:30 a.m. in room T2)
    2. 5-10 hours of volunteer time

    Description of Activities
    The following is a list of possible Husky Ambassador led activities:
    New Student Orientation - Welcome new students to Horizon, participate in orientation days, lead school tours, introduce new students/parents to teachers and staff, and sit with him/her at lunch
    Peer mentors - Help your peers in various ways
    Anti-Bullying Week/Month (October) - Promote anti-bullying awareness through various activities, posters, and classroom discussions
    Mix-it-Up at Lunch Day - Promote meeting new friends by changing who we sit with at lunch
    Kindness Chain - Horizon students and staff put their kindness on display for all to see through the Kindness Chain!
    Pledge to Be Bully Free - Each grade level designs and signs a banner to be posted in team area
    National No Name Calling Week - Design and lead activities that promote positive peer interactions
    Community Involvement Activities - Lead the students in getting involved in various volunteer opportunities

    Husky Ambassadors Documents 
    Husky Ambassadors Student Application
    Husky Ambassadors Teacher Recommendations