• What Is StuCo?

    Student Council is the leadership of the student body.
    The elected leaders from each home base will represent not only their home base, but also their team and school in various capacities.

    Student Council Members are LEADERS who have SCHOOL SPIRIT! We are kind, responsible and a POSITIVE ROLE MODEL for others.
    StuCo is actively involved in making our school and community a better place. We do service projects (making blankets, food drives, fundraisers for GABR, ect.). We work with the administration and parent advisory to address needs in our school (nice learning environments, more technology, etc.).

    StuCo sponsors events that promote school spirit (dress-up days, spirit rallies, student vs. staff events, etc.). We appreciate and celebrate those who make a difference. We also like to have fun and get to know the student body (school parties, lock-in, special events, etc.).  

    Student Council advisor is Jodi Sullivan located in the Phoenix team, room 296