• HMS Courses:

    6th Grade
    Math 6
    Math 6 Accelerated

    7th Grade
    Math 7
    Math 7 Accelerated

    8th Grade
    Math 8
    Algebra I *counts toward graduation credit

    Students/Parents may be individually contacted for further math course options if the regular Math 6, Math 7 or Math 8 course is not appropriate as indicated by Math MAP/other test scores and classroom performance.

    Three credits of mathematics, including Algebra I and above, are required for graduation from a BPS high school. This is also the college admission requirements for North Dakota's four-year colleges/universities.

    Students who have questions regarding their selection of math courses should consult with a counselor or a mathematics instructor.


    Horizon’s math teachers are working on a goal this year to increase student fluency with multiplication facts. We recognize that fluency with facts is important at all levels, and teachers are working to provide students with more opportunity to review their multiplication facts. Teachers will also be assessing students once per month with a one minute test on multiplication facts. The results of these assessments will not factor into your child’s grade, but will help the teacher monitor student progress. We encourage you to provide opportunities at home for your child to review math facts. There are many games and activities to be found online. The sites below link to a few favorites.


    Multiplication games