Help Desk

  • BPS recently moved away from a centralized helpdesk to a “fully” first line support by the technician/feeder team.  This has helped us gain more building time by putting the helpdesk staff in the field.

    Who do I call?

    • You can call the direct line number for your technician OR you can email them directly.
      • BHS/Wachter:  April Hruby 323-4124
      • CHS/Horizon: Micah Davidson 323-4127
      • LHS/Simle : Robert Lanz 323-4128

      • Elementary Schools
        • BHS Feeder Schools:  Al Kline 323-4123
        • CHS Feeder Schools:  Ben Paulson 323-4125
        • LHS Feeder Schools:  John Ferderer 323-4126
    • You can also call the main line 323-4040 and get the automated call attendant for contact options.
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