Saber Cyber Technology Club

  • Eligibility Requirements:

    Description of Club:
    One of the major functions of Tech Club members is to keep the chromebooks in working order by performing all repairs and warranty submissions. Each member gets to choose skill specialties and work on special projects through small group interests. Interest Groups include: 3D printers, website development, makerspace technologies, TV/digital media, blogging, podcasting, gaming, etc…  we do all of that and so much more! Each interest group get together on a regular basis and work on special projects together, such as the musical stairs, maintain websites for the LHS girls basketball and volleyball teams as well as produce videos and player profile slides. Saber Cyber Tech Club hosts LHS game night every other month and Saber Cyber members get in for free.

    Time Commitment:
    Attend 1 large group meeting each month (½-1 hour). Attend regular small interest work group meetings (30 minutes). Internal LHS building hacks and external community-focused activities on a volunteer basis.

    Procedures for Joining:
    Speak with Mr. Preabt in E101, Mr. Jacobson the Learning Commons, or Ms. Marsh in E104.

    Activity Time Period:
    Full year

    Membership Limit:

    Aaron Preabt
    Alicia Marsh
    Michael Jacobsen