French Club

  • Eligibility Requirements
    French club is  open to anyone with an interest in learning about the French language and francophone culture.

    Description of Club:
    The purpose of French club is to promote the study of French language and culture and to reinforce and enhance learning that takes place in class. Students will be able to explore another culture and meet new students. Typical activities may include cheese tasting, experiencing French cultural celebrations, watching French movies, playing French games, scavenger hunts, preparing French foods, and having a joint holiday party with the other language clubs. We often take a weekend trip to Winnipeg in February.

    Time Commitment
    French club will meet once a month. The time and days will vary according to the activity.

    Procedures for Joining
    Just come to the meetings. If you want more information you can email the advisor.

    Activity Time Period:
    September through May

    Membership Limit:


    Val Kling