• French Club

    Eligibility Requirements:
    French Club members should have an interst i nthe French language and culture.  The club is open to everyone regardless of grade level.

    Time Commitment:
    French Club activities are usually held once per month and usually last 2-3 hours.

    Procedures for Joining:
    Students interested in French Club should contact Monsieur Pierre-Louis in Room S114 or via email if they would like to join.

    Activity Time Period:
    French Club starts with an organizational meeting within the first few weeks of school and runs through May.

    Membership Limit: 
    There is no limitation on the number of students able to participate in this club.

    Location of Meetings:
    French Club meeting locations vary each month.  Students are encourages to listen to the announcements or check the CHS calendar for more information.

    Monsieur Ricardo Pierre-Louis (Mr. P)
    701-323-4900 ext. 6636