Substitute Teachers


    GuestSubsitute teacher clip art  Teachers are an important resource for Bismarck Public Schools. They provide our students with the opportunity to continue learning while their teacher is out of the classroom.

    The daily rate of pay for substitute teachers is $135.00 for a full day and $67.50 for a half day.

    The district uses an automated system, Aesop Absence Management. This system allows individual guest teachers a great deal of flexibility in setting their schedules and accepting substitute teaching positions. Guest teachers can find and accept jobs on the internet or by calling a 1-800 number.






    Interested in becoming a guest teacher for Bismarck Public Schools?                            Substitute teacher instructing a class

    In order to substitute teach, you must have either a valid North Dakota Teaching License or an Interim Sub License. These can be obtained through the Education Standards and Practices Board.

    Education Standards and Practices Board logo Click this link to their website ESPB or you may contact them by phone at 701-328-9641.

    After receiving proper licensure from the state of North Dakota, the first step is to complete our online application through TalentEd Recruit & Hire. The link is below.

    After the substitute application has been completed, please call 701-323-4098 to complete necessary paperwork.



    TalentEd Recruit & Hire 

    The Bismarck Public School District uses an online application process. All external applicants must complete the online application to be considered for all job openings with BPS.

Substitute Teacher Training

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    Founded as the Substitute Teaching Institute at Utah State University in 1995, provides research-based training materials and services designed to improve student achievement when students are taught by a substitute teacher. has forged ahead implementing research-based practices to improve recruiting, training, and retention efforts in school districts throughout the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.


    Bismarck Public Schools offers training in August prior to the start of school for new substitute teachers or those veteran subs who want a refresher.  We also offer a second training later in the school year.  New subs only need to attend one of the two days.

    This college-level course will cover such topics as:

    • Classroom management
    • Teaching strategies
    • Being prepared & professional
    • Appropriate use of fill-in activities
    • Avoiding common teaching traps

    Training for Subs New to BPS

    We currently do not have training scheduled for the 2021-22 school year.

    We will post dates here and also send email notification out to all guest teachers if/when they are scheduled.



    The website also offers information, newsletters and training for substitute teachers.  Click this link to access their website and sign up for a free newsletter.


  • Cover of the book The First Days of School We highly recommend the book The First Days of School by Harry Wong and Rosemary Wong for substitutes to read especially if they are new to substituting and/or don't have a teaching certificate.  You may purchase your own copy or you may check it out from the Library Media Office located in the Hughes Educational Center, 806 N Washington St. in Bismarck.


    Cover of Substitute Teacher Handbook The Substitute Teacher Handbook has a lot of useful information about our schools, starting your day, filler activities and more.  Please take some time to familiarize yourself with this material. You may obtain a copy by contacting Tracey in Human Resources at 701-323-4098.


    Cover of Substitute Teacher Information Packet The Substitute Teacher Packet contains a variety of items that will be helpful to have at home such as a list of all the schools, their addresses and phone numbers; safety information; school calendar; a pay day schedule, etc. You may obtain a copy by contacting Tracey in Human Resources at 701-323-4098.



Absence Management

  • Absence Management (formerly Aesop)

    Absence Management logo

    Bismarck Public Schools uses Absence Management to secure substitute teachers. 

    You will be able to login and accept jobs online.

     The system is also set up to call you and you can accept jobs over the phone as well. 

    There is a phone app called Jobulator that you may purchase separately to receive notifications of absences.  There is a small monthly fee the sub is responsible to pay.

    If you have questions about this system, please contact Tracey Reinbold in Human Resources at 701-323-4098.