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    Thank you for your interest in volunteering for Bismarck Public Schools!

    If you are interested in volunteering with Bismarck Public Schools, please contact the school(s) to find out if there is a need for volunteers in that building.  The school will contact the Human Resources Dept. to begin the background check process which needs to be completed prior to volunteering.


    Please review these guidelines to help ensure a positive volunteer experience.

    • Check in at the office when you arrive and check out when you leave.
    • Notify the school in advance if you are unable to volunteer.  This will allow the teacher time to make other arrangements.
    • Encourage all students to do their personal best.
    • Volunteers are not responsible for managing student behavior.  Behavior concerns should be reported to the teacher or another staff member.
    • Demonstrating appreciation and respect for different cultures and family backgrounds will increase your ability to help students learn and achieve academically.
    • Volunteers are required to protect the confidentiality of all student information.  Do not discuss student performance or behaviors with anyone other than authorized school employees who are directly involved with the student.
    • If you have a disagreement with a staff member, discuss it with them privately.  If the issue is not resolved, discuss the matter with the volunteer coordinator at the school or the school principal.
    • Keep adult conversations to a minimum when you are volunteering in a classroom or learning area.
    • Cell phones must be silenced while volunteering.  Phone conversations should be carried outside the classroom areas to avoid disrupting student learning.


    Image of Volunteer Handbook The Volunteer Handbook is available from the Human Resources Department with Bismarck Public Schools by calling 701-323-4070.  Volunteers are asked to sign the agreement on the backpage of the handbook and submit it to the school in which they are volunteering.


    "Life's most urgent question is: What are you doing for others?"

    ~Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.