• Mission Statement
    The mission of the Pioneer Elementary School community is to develop competent, caring and responsible citizens.

    Student Goals
    All students will demonstrate...

    • an increase in integrated knowledge and skills by applying multidisciplinary approaches solving problems and completing tasks.
    • an increased responsibility for personal actions.

    Behavior Policy
    Pioneer Panthers are Always Pawsitively Respectful, Responsible and Safe. 

    Major Behaviors
    We believe in order for us to establish and maintain our beliefs, the following items will not be tolerated:

    • Vandalism
    • Physical Assaults
    • Weapons
    • Harassment
    • Theft
    • Alcohol/Drugs
    • Direct Defiance

    Failure to comply with bottom line items will be dealt with by the student being subject to disciplinary action that will include referral to administration and a mandatory meeting between teacher, administrator, parent and student.

    If a violation of a boottom line item occurs, disciplinary action may include making up missed classroom instruction, detention, removal from the classroom or school setting and/or referral to the Bismarck Police Department.