• History

    Jeannette Myhre Elementary School was constructed in 1972 with additions in 1974 and 1977 and was named after a former principal, Jeannette Myhre, who was a devoted teacher and principal of Wachter School from 1924 to 1966.

    Jeannette Myhre was a strong influence on both students and teachers. She was known as a strict disciplinarian who considered it her mission to raise the self-esteem of each child that attended Wachter School.

    Miss Myhre was active in the PTA where she is remembered as maintaining a decorum of dignity by pouring coffee from a sterling silver serving set on a lace covered tablecloth.

    Many alumnae of Wachter credit Miss Myhre for shaping the social values that they used as a basis for life-long success.

    A picture of Jeannette Myhre hangs in the school named for her. She died in 1982 at the age of 81.



    Myhre continues to grow in size. We have nearly 300 students eager to learn and 65 staff members. Where social values continue to be upheld as we work to build life long learners at Myhre.

     School Wide Plan 2018-2019