• Grimsrud School                  

                 Grimsrud Elementary is located in the heart of Bismarck, just north of the YMCA and downtown area.  Due to the tremendous growth of the Bismarck community, our boundaries have changed in the past years and we are home to children that live within the surrounding neighborhood as well as children that reside along the Missouri River and in the Hawktree Subdivision of Bismarck.  This will continue to be our boundary area through next school (2021-2022) but then our boundaries will change significantly in 2022 with the addition of a new school building in NW Bismarck.  Our population varies from year to year, but on average our school services about 270 students in grade K-5.

     Grimsrud Elementary was built in 1964 and named in honor of T. S. Grimsrud, the former Grade School Supervisor.  The school was remodeled in 1985 and an addition, providing a new office space, conference room, secured entrance way and collaboration room was added in 2016.  Grimsrud is a unique shaped building comprised of 3 main hallways, to of which lead to octagon shaped classroom pods.   Our shared gymnasium and lunchroom is also in the shape of an octagon making for a very interesting, yet inviting and cozy space.   Most recently we have added a new playground structure that our school and surrounding community love and benefit from.  It is GRRREAT to be a GRIZZLY!