• Century High School Student Services Office

    Kelly Humann




    Cassie Kisse

    Counselor (A-F)

    701-323-4900 ext. 6514


    Gina Phillips

    Counselor (G-K)

    701-323-4900 ext. 6516


    Dan Trottier

    Counselor (L-R)

    701-323-4900 ext. 6513


    Lindsey Guidinger

    Counselor (S-Z)

    701-323-4900 ext. 6515


    Laura Henkelman

    Career Advisor

    701-323-4900  ext. 6547


    Mission Statement

    The mission of the Century High School Student Services Office is to be a valuable resource to students and parents regarding academic, career, and personal/social issues.

    Vision Statement

    The Century High School Student Services Department strives to be an integral part of the total education system as a resource for EVERY student. Through collaboration, the counseling department will be a comprehensive, developmental resource for personal/social, academic, and career needs while providing a safe, supportive environment. Programming decisions will be data driven and based on total needs of the students it serves.