Counseling & Student Services

  • Counseling & Student Services Secretary:  Kaili Opp 701.323.4662

    Counselors are available from 7:45 am - 3:45 pm; Monday-Friday


    Mr. Kris Heiple

    Phone: 701.323.4666




    Jennifer Braun
    Mrs. Jenni Braun

    Phone: 701.323.4663









    Natalie Heid
    Mrs. Natalie Heid

    Phone: 701.323.4664
    Email: Natalie Heid

    Mrs. Heid graduated from North Dakota State University with a B.S. in Psychology in 2010 and a M.S. in Counseling in 2012. She spent her first year at Turtle-Lake Mercer School as the K-12 counselor and has been at Wachter Middle School since 2013.