• Elementary School Guidance is a preventive program focusing on the needs of all children.

    • As they grow and develop
    • While prevention of difficulties is possible
    • During early years when the family is still in close contact
    • When they need a friend to listen

    Elementary school counselors help by counseling, consulting, coordinating and teaching.


    • Promoting the development of communication skills and understanding of self and others
    • Helping develop skills for thinking and solving problems
    • Guiding students in setting positive goals, exercising self-responsibility and improving academic progress
    • Providing support during personal and family crisis


    • With parents to discuss the social, emotional and educational needs and growth of their children through conferences and workshops
    • With teachers to enhance the child’s individual development and academic success in a positive environment
    • With administrators to promote an optimal learning environment for all students


    • Transition between grade levels and schools
    • Programs for special needs
    • Parent education
    • Referrals to community agencies
    • Orientation for new students
    • Curriculum enrichment activities
    • Classroom guidance


    • Peer relationships
    • Problem-solving skills
    • Decision-making skills
    • Conflict resolution
    • Self-awareness
    • Coping skills


    • Self-referral
    • Teacher referral
    • Parent referral
    • Administrative referral
    • Special services referral
    • Referral by a friend