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Choir Practice

Always Sing

Always Sing (mp3 document)
File Size: 2249.18 kb

Always Sing full recording (link)

Celebrate with Jubilant Song

Celebrate with Jubilant Song p1 (mp3 document)
File Size: 1133.26 kb

Celebrate with Jubilant Song p2 (mp3 document)
File Size: 1231.02 kb

Celebrate with Jubilant Song p3 (mp3 document)
File Size: 1050.61 kb

Celebrate with Jubilant Song full recording (link)

Come to Me, O My Love

Come To Me O My Love soprano (wav document)
File Size: 21191.75 kb

Come To Me O My Love alto (wav document)
File Size: 20123 kb

Come To Me O My Love guys (wav document)
File Size: 17617 kb

Come to Me, O My Love accomp (mp3 document)
File Size: 1957.27 kb

Come to Me O My Love full recording (link)

Shine Your Way

Shine Your Way p1 (mp3 document)
File Size: 1568.98 kb

Shine Your Way p2 (mp3 document)
File Size: 1487.14 kb

Shine Your Way full recording (link)

We Will

We Will p1 (mp3 document)
File Size: 1739.59 kb

We Will p2 (mp3 document)
File Size: 1867.55 kb

We Will full recording (link)

My Country

My Country sop on A - Regional (mp3 document)
File Size: 187.86 kb

My Country sop on G - S2 Regional Sop State (mp3 document)
File Size: 186.07 kb

My Country alto on D - A1 Regional (mp3 document)
File Size: 180.54 kb

My Country alto on C - A2 Regional (mp3 document)
File Size: 182.86 kb

My Country alto on Eb - State (mp3 document)
File Size: 178.75 kb

My Country tenor on A (mp3 document)
File Size: 189.29 kb

My Country bass on D (mp3 document)
File Size: 189.29 kb

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