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7th Grade Art Projects

Color Wheel Example
Seventh Grade Color Study Color Wheel


1.) Students start with the 3 Primary Colors.

2.) students then start mixing Primary Colors using a consistent formula to make the Secondary Colors.
a. 3 Red and 3 Blue = Violet/Purple
b. 3 Red and 3 Yellow = Orange
c. 3 Yellow and 3 Blue = Green

3.) Students then mix both Primary Colors and Secondary Colors to make Intermediate Colors.
a. 3 Red and 3 Orange = Red Orange / Vermillion
b. 3 Red and 3 Violet / Purple = Red Violet / Maroon
c. 3 Yellow and 3 Orange = Yellow Orange
d. 3 Yellow and 3 Green = Yellow Green / Lime Green
e. 3 Blue and 3 Green = Blue Green / Aqua
f. 3 Blue and 3 Violet / Purple = Blue Violet / Indigo


Tint and Shade Example
Seventh Grade Color Study Tint and Shade


1.) Choose a color you would like to use
2.) Start by taking 4 open spots and add the color chosen
3.) The first spot leave the color by itself
4.) The second spot add 1 scoop of White/Black
5.) The third spot add 2 scoops of White/Black
6.) The fourth spot add 3 scoops of White/Black
7.) The fifth spot should just be White/Black
7.) Once all the different colors are mixed begin painting the worksheet starting with the color with out any added to it and finishing with the White/Black
8.) Finally turn the picture upside down and begin painting the outside with the color with no paint added to it and finish with White/Black.
9.) Do the same for both the Tint (White) and Shade (Black) sides.


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