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Cross Country

Congratulations to Wachter 7/8th Grade Boys and Girls Cross Country Teams for both winning WDA championships. The following 9 boys placed in the top 20: Sean Korsomo, Micah Penn, Lucas Wetzel, Dreden Milk, Kaden Renner, Brock Fettig, Keegan Eagle, Brayden Erickson, Logan Meier

The following girls placed in the top 20: Jilee Golus, Gabbi Gannon, Brooke Burgard, Kenadi Renner, and Tristan Carufel

2016 Champs

2016 Schedule (pdf document)
File Size: 25.34 kb


Mark Unterseher

Robin Nein

2015 BHS XC Youth Camp

2015 BHS Youth XC Camp (pdf document)
File Size: 862.17 kb

Wachter XC Apparel

Wachter XC Apparel (pdf document)
File Size: 86.78 kb

Parent letter (pdf document)
File Size: 254.45 kb

6th Grade Boys Anderson Stavn 2015

2016 Results

2016 WDA Boys (pdf document)
File Size: 80.42 kb

2016 WDA Girls (pdf document)
File Size: 78.53 kb

6th Boys AS (pdf document)
File Size: 76.15 kb

6th Girls AS (pdf document)
File Size: 76.94 kb

B/H Results (lsx document)
File Size: 20.14 kb

JV Boys AS (pdf document)
File Size: 82.19 kb

JV Girls AS (pdf document)
File Size: 79.16 kb

MS Boys AS (pdf document)
File Size: 80.99 kb

MS Girls AS (pdf document)
File Size: 80.27 kb

Spartan Invite (pdf document)
File Size: 65.05 kb

Rusty Bucket 2016 6th Boys (ocx document)
File Size: 12.64 kb

Rusty Bucket 2016 6th Girls  (pdf document)
File Size: 260.3 kb

Rusty Bucket 2016 Boys 7/8 (pdf document)
File Size: 227.42 kb

Rusty Bucket 2016 Girls 7/8 (pdf document)
File Size: 217.21 kb

2015 Results

Fill The Pantry Results  (lsx document)
File Size: 23.18 kb

Anderson-Stavn 6th boys 2015 (pdf document)
File Size: 82.89 kb

Anderson-Stavn 6th girls 2015 (pdf document)
File Size: 81.52 kb

Anderson-Stavn MS boys 2015 (pdf document)
File Size: 86.59 kb

Anderson-Stavn MS girls 2015 (pdf document)
File Size: 86.09 kb

Rusty Bucket 2015 (pdf document)
File Size: 281.94 kb


Rusty Bucket 2015 (pdf document)
File Size: 281.94 kb

Becki Wells 2015 Boys Results (pdf document)
File Size: 101.41 kb

Becki Wells 2015 Girls Results (pdf document)
File Size: 101.98 kb

Anderson Stavn 2015 6th grade boys (pdf document)
File Size: 82.89 kb

Anderson Stavn 2015 6th Grade girls (pdf document)
File Size: 81.52 kb

Anderson Stavn 2015 Boys (pdf document)
File Size: 86.59 kb

AndersonStavn 2015 Girls (pdf document)
File Size: 86.09 kb

Becki Wells 2015 Boys (pdf document)
File Size: 88.54 kb

Becki Wells Girls 2015 (pdf document)
File Size: 88.17 kb

Mandan Boys Results (pdf document)
File Size: 67.61 kb

Mandan Girls Results (pdf document)
File Size: 67.78 kb

WDA Results Middle School boys (pdf document)
File Size: 871.74 kb

WDA Results Middle School Girls (pdf document)
File Size: 634.95 kb

WDA Results Varsity boys (pdf document)
File Size: 1043.51 kb

WDA Results Varsity girls (pdf document)
File Size: 1086.41 kb

Spartan Invite (pdf document)
File Size: 275.72 kb

Minot Invite Results

Minot Invite Results elementary boys (pdf document)
File Size: 80.66 kb

Minot Invite Results elementary girls (pdf document)
File Size: 78.47 kb

Minot Invite Results HS boys (pdf document)
File Size: 83.5 kb

Minot Invite Results HS girls (pdf document)
File Size: 83.41 kb

Minot Invite Results MS boys (pdf document)
File Size: 84.59 kb

Minot Invite Results MS girls (pdf document)
File Size: 84.19 kb


Photos (link)

If you would like to view photos you will need to use the password. wildcats

Photos 2014

Anderson Stavn Meet 2014 (link)

Candy Bar 2014 (link)

Dickinson 2014 (link)

Mandan 2014 (link)

Minot Meet 2014 (link)

Rusty Bucket 2014 (link)

Spartan Invite 2014 (link)

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