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US Geography

US Map
US Geography

This unit will serve as a 2 week review of basic US geography for students.

Requirements for Test:
* Identify the 50 US states and give their capital
* Identify the Great Lakes
* Identify the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans
* Identify the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers
* Identify the Rocky and Appalachian Mountains

US Geography Test is on Friday, January 13th!

US Geography Handouts and Worksheets

Super Capital Bowl WKST (pdf document)
File Size: 333 kb

Blank US Map (pdf document)
File Size: 180.15 kb

US Map with State Names (pdf document)
File Size: 201.29 kb

50 States and Capitals Song Lyrics (ocx document)
File Size: 14.09 kb

Link to 50 state and capitals song

Click here to view the 50 states and capitals song!

Online Review Games

Use the following links to review the 50 US states and their capitals.

2. .

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