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The American Revolution

American Revolution
The American Revolution

In this unit students will get an overview of the causes and effects of the American Revolution both in the United States and in Europe. We will focus on how ideas from the Enlightenment thinkers inspired colonists to rebel and how those ideas help form the new nation.

Vocabulary Words

Students will be required to know the following words. These words will also be required on their vocabulary foldable.

~Representative Demoocracy
~Cash Crop
~Stamp Act
~Declaration of Independence
~Treaty of Paris
~Articles of Confederation
~Popular Sovereignty
~Limited Government
~Bill of Rights

American Revolution Handouts and Assignments

American Revolution PowerPoint (ptx document)
File Size: 115187.59 kb

American Revolution Guided Notes (ocx document)
File Size: 36.06 kb

Three Worlds Meet Geo-Theme (pdf document)
File Size: 327.23 kb

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