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Our Countrys Neighbors

North America
Our Countrys Neighbors

In this unit we will focus on the countries of Canada and Mexico and their relationships with the United States. Students will work on a North America map project that will be due on October 24th. We will have a map and written test on October 27th and 28th.

Our Country's Neighbors PowerPoint (ptx document)
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OCN Guided Notes (ocx document)
File Size: 24.89 kb

OCN Vocab Chart (doc document)
File Size: 34.5 kb

OCN Themes Chart (ocx document)
File Size: 13.3 kb

North America Map Study Guide (ocx document)
File Size: 60.47 kb

North America Map Requirements (ocx document)
File Size: 18.79 kb

OCN Vocabulary Terms

Terms can be found in the guided notes students received in class. These are the required terms for the vocab chart.

1. Province
2. Territory
3. Bilingual
4. Maritime
5. Tundra
6. Indigenous Population
7. Plateau
8. Conquistador
9. Hacienda
11. Interdependent

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