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Summer School Science

Physical Science Image
Physical Science is an introductory course to the sciences of chemistry and physics. The course will provide students the
opportunity to discover major science concepts while
developing critical thinking skills. Laboratory work
emphasizes chemistry, energy, laws of motion, and electricity.

Summer School Dates

Session #1: June 11 - July 1
Session #2: July 6-July 24 (no school July 2, 3, & 4)

Physical Science Class Outline

Physical Science Syllabus (pdf document)
File Size: 92.18 kb

A downloadable document. This is a brief overview of the topics covered during summer school physical science. Additional class information is provided as well.

Course Description:
Physical Science is an introductory course to the sciences of chemistry and physics. Topics included are: the scientific method, metric system, matter, the atomic structure, chemical names, formulas, balancing equations, chemical applications, laws of motion, potential energy, kinetic energy, simple machines, power, electricity, and heat. The techniques and procedures used by chemists and physicists are emphasized. Students are provided the opportunity to understand, appreciate, and relate the interaction of matter and energy in their physical environment through a variety of classroom experiences. Hands on laboratory investigations are emphasized.

Topics covered:
Summer Session 1 [Week 1 through Week 3]

Chapter 1 Exploring Physical Science
Chapter 2 General Properties of Matter
Chapter 3 Physical and Chemical Changes
Chapter 4 Mixtures, Elements, and Compounds
Chapter 5 Atomic Structure
Chapter 6 Classification of Elements-Periodic Table
Chapter 7 Atoms and Bonding
Chapter 8 Chemical Reactions
Chapter 9 Acids and Bases

Summer Session 2 [Week 4 through Week 6]

Chapter 12 What is Motion?
Chapter 13 The Nature of Forces
Chapter 14 Forces in Fluids
Chapter 15 Work, Power, and Simple Machines
Chapter 16 Energy: Forms and Changes
Chapter 17 What is Heat?
Chapter 19 Electric Charges and Currents

Physical Science Resource Links

Chemical Elements (link)

An interactive Periodic Table of the Elements

ChemiCool-Periodic Table (link)

An interactive Periodic Table

Web Elements Periodic Table (link)

WebElements is the periodic table on the WWW

Periodic Table Project

Periodic Table Project (pdf document)
File Size: 688.11 kb

Periodic Table Project Instructions (pdf document)
File Size: 46.71 kb

Periodic Table Project Rubric (pdf document)
File Size: 10.73 kb

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