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Class Expectations

Class Syllabus (pdf document)
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Teacher: Mr. Curren
Room # 212
School Phone: 323-4650, ext. 5631


1. Common courtesy is a MUST! Each student deserves the opportunity to learn. Verbal abuse, obscene and vulgar language, or any other disruptive behavior WILL NOT be tolerated!

2. Regular attendance is one of the most important components of success. However, if an absences is excused, please follow the plan below:

a. You are responsible for all notes, labs, projects, quizzes, and tests. All assignments will be placed in an absent tray. When you come back, look in the tray for the day(s) you were absent and take what you need. We will follow the school policy for absent work. You get two days for each day you were absent to turn in the assignment. Any work turned in after two days will be considered late and will receive a reduced score.

b. All assignments are posted in the room and on the Wachter Middle School web site. "I didn't know" is not an acceptable response!

3. Late Assignments. We will follow the Ocelot's Team policy in regards to late assignments.

4. To use the time provided during each period efficiently, students need to be IN THEIR SEAT WHEN THE BELL RINGS. Any student who is not in their seat will be considered tardy. The Wachter Middle School tardy policy will be enforced.

5. If students need help outside of class, I am available most nights after school from 3:25-3:50 pm or by appointment.


Welcome to 8th Grade Earth Science. This is a full year course that will challenge your understanding of the natural world by examining questions such as why seasons change, why rivers flood, and why earthquakes and volcanoes occur. Topics covered in this course include Geology, Astronomy, Environmental Science, and Meteorology.


Holt Science & Technology-Earth Science.



1. Set of colored pencils and/or colored markers.
2. Pen and Pencils
3. Loose-leaf paper
4. Two highlighters
5. Folder (dedicated to science only)


Grades will be determined on a total point system. Grades will be earned through tests, quizzes, assignments, lab activities, projects, etc.

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