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Mr. Curren - Earth Science

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Position: Earth Science Teacher

Wachter Activities: 7th Grade Football, Science Olympiad

Education Degree: Bachelor of Science in Education (NDSU)
Major: General/Composite Science (7-12)
Major: Biology (7-12)
Minor: Geology

Contact Information:
School Phone Number: (701)-323-4650, ext. 5631


Mr. Curren Teacher Survey (link)

Ocelot Weekly Assignments: 02/22 - 02/24
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
English 8 NO SCHOOL NO SCHOOL DOL Paragraph
Talk to the Animal reading comp assessment
Catch up on dolphin and dog readings and wkshts
Introduction Call of the Wild Intro to Call of the Wild
Math 8 No School Standard: 8.F.1

Activity/Lesson 4.1

HW pg. 152-153 #3-12
Standard: 8.F.1

Activity/Lesson 4.1

HW pg. 152-153 #3-12
Standard: 8.F.1

Lesson 4.2

HW pg. 158-159 #3-11

4.1-4.2 Review Worksheet
Standard: 8.F.1

Lesson 4.2

HW pg. 158-159 #3-11

4.1-4.2 Review Worksheet
Algebra I No School Lesson 5.8

HW pg. 349-350
#6-50 evens
  Lesson 6.1

HW pg. 367-368
#10-30 all
US History No School        
Earth Science No School
President's Day!
1. No School
Staff Development Day
1. Finish Fossil Discussion & Video
2. Discuss Geologic Time Scale
3. Finish Geologic Column Activity
4. Work on Practice #2, 3, and 4
5. Kahoot Review
6. Formative Assessment #2 on Friday!
NAEP Assessment Day

1. Mythbusters Video
2. Kahoot Review
3. Wrap-up Practice Work
4. Formative Assessment #2 on Monday!

1. Kahoot Review
2. Formative Assessment #2
3. Finish Geologic Time Discussion
4. Review for Summative Assessment.

Summative Assessment will be on Tuesday (A) and Wednesday (B)!
A/B Day A B A B A
The assignments are updated weekly by the Ocelot Team. Ocelot teachers meet everyday between 11:47 and 12:32. Please call during that time if you have any questions or concerns. Extension: 5632

Mr. Curren's Schedule
  Monday - Friday
8:10-8:38 Homebase
8:41-10:11 Block 1-Earth Science
10:14-11:44 Block 2-Earth Science
11:47-1:47 Block 3-Team & Prep Time
1:50-3:20 Block 4-Earth Science
8th Grade Lunch - 12:32 to 1:02

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