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Quarterly Topics

Quarter One Topics

Literature: round and flat characterization; figurative language-simile, metaphor, personification, symbol, hyperbole, idiom, elements of the short story

Grammar: nouns-plurals, possessives, capitalization, regular and irregular nouns; verbs-tenses, agreement, troublesome verbs, active and passive voice, regular and irregular

Writing: informative-understanding fluency, voice, conventions, organization

Spelling: patterns,origins,prefix,suffix

Quarter Two Topics

Literature: Call of the Wild-setting, characterization, theme, cause and effect, irony

Grammar: pronouns-personal, possessive, indefinate, demonstrative, interrogative, subject, object, common pronoun problems

Writing: voice, presentation, word choice, fluency

Spelling: patterns, origins, prefix, suffix

Quarter Three Topics

Literature: The Outsiders-allusion, setting, dynamic characters, theme, flashback

Writing: research, notecards, plagiarism, paraphrasing, works cited

Speaking: debate-logic, style, flowchart

Quarter Four Topics

Literature: Diary of Anne Frank-drama, historical connection to literature

Grammar: prepositions, phrases, misplaced modifiers

Writing: persuasive writing, ideas, organization, voice

Spelling: patterns, origins, prefix, suffix

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