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Mr. Palmer

Smarter Balanced PracticeClick here

Mr. Palmer
English 8
Randy Palmer
portable #1

Explorer Schedule
Home base 8:10-8:42  
Period One 8:45-9:35  
Period Two 9:38-10:28  
Period Three 10:31-11:21  
Period Four 11:21-11:48  
Lunch 11:48-12:18  
Period Four 12:18-12:41  
Period Five 12:44-1:34  
Period Six 1:37-2:27  
Period Seven 2:30-3:20  

English 8 is an exploration of gramar, short stories, speaking, writing and literary techniques.Mr. Palmer

ND eighth grade English standards

Eighth grade English standards (link)

To see the eighth grade English standards, click here.

Puma's Weekly Assignments: 2/20 - 2/24
  Monday (A) Tuesday (B) Wednesday (A) Thursday (B) Friday (A)
English No School No School Chapter 5 and 6 Quiz Call of the Wild Chapter 7 study sheets Chapter 7 study sheets
Algebra No School No School Properties of Exponents


Scientific Notation

HW: worksheet
Math 8 No School No School Standard: 8.EE.2

Approximating and Comparing Square Roots

HW: pg 250 #18-30
Standard: 8.EE.2

Approximating and Comparing Square Roots

HW: pg 250 #18-30
Standard: 8.EE.2

Cube Roots and Simplifying Square Roots

HW: worksheet & pg 256 #9-20
US History No School No School 8.2.4

Finish Into The West, Episode 1

PBL - NEED advertisements!

PBL - NEED advertisements!
Science No School No School - Layers of the Earth Notes
- Plate Tectonics Practice #1
- Labeling Layers of the Earth Project
- Layers of the Earth - Web Match Layers of the Earth
- Finish Labeling Layers of the Earth Project
Communication and Collaboration 8 No School No School Vocabulary Set 1 Quiz
Topic Exploration for Genius Hour
  Pick a Genius Hour topic
Plan Genius Hour Proposal
The assignments are updated weekly by the Puma Team. Puma teachers meet everyday between 11:45-12:30. Please call during that time if you have any questions or concerns. Extension: 5668

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