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Course Outline

Course Outline

English 8 Course Information Sheet

Instructor: Mrs. Curren e-mail:
Room: 106 School Phone: 323-4650

English 8 is designed to help students develop language skills. Course goals are as follows:

A. To review and improve grammar for use in written and oral communication.
B. To develop writing for specific audiences and purposes using all the steps in the writing
process emphasizing mechanics.
C. To read selections from literature, studying elements of literary genre, including vocabulary and comprehension; developing lifelong reading practices, and applying literary themes to personal experience.

Required Texts:
Elements of Literature. Second Course. Austin: Holt, Rhinehart, Winston, 2000.

List your name and text number on the book condition sheet and note any deficiencies with your assigned texts i.e. marks, missing pages, rips, tears, broken binding. These sheets should be turned
into me and are your proof you did not damage the book. Your literature textbook must be covered.

The composition text that will be used is:
Language Network. Evanston,IL: McDougal Littell, 2001. This text will be kept in the classroom.

Course Materials: (Due to time constraints we may not cover each topic listed below.)

from Elements of Literature
Collection 1
Collection 2
Collection 3
Collection 4
Collection 5 (The Diary of Anne Frank)
Collection 6
Collection 7
Collection 8
Call of the Wild
The Outsiders

*We may read several other short novels

from Language Network
Chapter 1 The Writing Process
Chapter 2 Nouns
Chapter 3 Pronouns
Chapter 4 Verbs
Chapter 5 Adjectives & Adverbs
Chapter 6 Prepositions, Conjunctions, & Interjections
chapters covering sentence, paragraph, and essay writing
chapters covering writing, mechanics, research writing, persuasive writing, speeches

Classroom Rules and Regulations:
There are 3 basic rules:
1. Be Respectful
A. Respect the rights of your fellow classmates and teachers.
(Put-downs, harassment, teasing, copying, or inappropriate language will not be tolerated.)
B. Respect school property and belongings in the room.
2. Be Responsible
A. Come to class prepared by bringing assignment, book, paper, and pen / pencil daily!
3. Be Reliable
A. Dependable. Come to class on time and have all work completed and ready to be turned in or discuss.

*There are several procedures that we will go over the first day of class. You are responsible for following these procedures.

Grading Scale:

A -92-100
B -83-91
C -74-82
D -65-73
F -0-64

All grades are based on a 50% daily work and 50% tests & quizzes points system.

If you need additional help with assignments or test preparation, I am available during student work time, before school, and after school.

Progress Reports:

Progress reports will be distributed to students at the mid term of each quarter.

Materials Needed:

-loose-leaf paper and binder
-pen / pencil
-distributed textbooks
-a two pocket folder that can be kept in the classroom

Expectations for the year:
Respect yourself.
Respect others.
Take responsibility for all your actions.
Always be truthful.

Course Outline (pdf document)
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