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Puma Team General Information

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Puma Team General Information

Welcome to the Puma Team! Below is some general information about our team that parents and students may want to know.

Students are expected to fill in their planners each day for each of their classes. Assignments will be posted in all classrooms. Student planners are checked each Wednesday by their homebase teachers. As parents, please take a few minutes to do the same on a daily basis. Students will have the opportunity to earn extra credit points each quarter by taking a planner quiz. Students are allowed to use their planners on the quiz. The extra credit points are placed into a core class of the students choice.

All students begin each day in homebase. Homebase is designed to be like a family within the community of the school. The program provides academic and emotional support for students. We focus on establishing good peer relationships, self-esteem, and an awareness of our community. In addition, we work with our students to improve their academic performance.
Each day in homebase, we begin with twelve minutes of Channel One news, followed by a variety of different activities. A daily schedule of homebase is given below.

1. Complete your homework on time. Late work will be dealt with according to the homework policy. The homework policy can be reviewed by going to the Explorers home page and clicking on the link near the bottom of the page.

2. Make-up work: Students are expected to seek out their teachers for class work during their absence. Students will be given one day to complete the work for each day missed.

3. Be on time and be prepared: Students are expected to be in their classes when the bell rings and to have all materials for the day including books, notebooks, pens or pencils, planners, and whatever else is required for the day.

Homework is an integral part of a student's learning experience. To derive the greatest benefit from school, students must, at times, finish related study and follow-up at home.

The following list provides a variety of reasons why homework is given:

1. Develops responsibility and accountability.
2. Builds self-discipline and promotes pride in work.
3. Prepares students for classroom participation.
4. Develops good study habits.
5. Reinforces school learning experiences.
6. Provides practice, review, and application of skills.
7. Promotes organizational and time-management skills.
8. Stimulates creativity and imagination.

The Puma teachers meet daily from 8:45 - 9:35 in room 131. This is the best time to contact the team of teachers to discuss concerns or to schedule a parent/team meeting. We can be reached during this time by calling (701) 323-4650, Ext. 5655. This number will connect you to our teaming room.

Our team employs the use of study club. Study club is voluntary on behalf of your child. Study club is held every night (Monday-Thursday) after school from 3:20-3:50 pm. If a student needs additional assistance he or she may go to the study club teacher for that night. Students can work on homework or utilize this time to make-up work from being absent.

Tutors are also available before and after school. The morning tutor session is available to all students who may need some extra help. The morning tutor session is held in the North gym. To utilize the after school tutor session, an application must be filled out to see if your child qualifies. If you are interested in having your child utilize this service, please contact our Assistant Principal, Mrs. Jeide.

Homebase Weekly Schedule
MONDAY D.E.A.R. Day (Drop Everything And Read) Students
will read a novel of their choice or a selected novel.
TUESDAY Activity Day (Students will do a variety of activities that promote establishing good peer relationships, self-esteem, and an awareness of our community).
WEDNESDAY Activity Day (Students will do a variety of activities that promote establishing good peer relationships, self-esteem, and an awareness of our community).
THURSDAY Students will have an academic day (students work on homework, homebase teacher checks planners, student grades, and assists students with their school work). During this time, students will also be reminded of any late or missing assignments for all classes they are in.
FRIDAY Current Events Day

HISTORY Daily Work
Individual Projects
Group Projects
SCIENCE Daily Work
Lab Activities
Tests & Quizzes
ENGLISH Spelling Tests
Daily Work
Research Paper
MATH-8/ALGEBRA-8 Daily Work
Math Minutes (Math 8 only)
CAREER ED Daily Work
Posters & Projects
PHYSICAL EDUCATION Dress (Shorts or Sweats, gym shirt, gym shoes)

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