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Bobcats 6

Welcome 6th grade Bobcats! As a team of teachers, we are excited to be part of your first year at Wachter Middle School!

Our Team's Mission: We believe that all Bobcat students will be college and career ready.

Bobcat Parents and Guardians: Please be on the lookout for the "Bobcat Bulletin," which is our weekly email that we send home to Bobcat families. This email is sent on the last school day of each week.

Wachter Bobcats Weekly Assignments: May 22 - 26
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Mrs. Schuchard
Partner Debate Presentations (W.6.1) Socratic Seminar
Socratic Seminar
Language Games Language Games
Mrs. Metzger
Review: Multiplying Fractions

HW: worksheet (do the even problems)
Review: Multiplying Fractions

HW: worksheet (do the even problems)
Movie Movie Movie
Accelerated Math (Block A - "B" Days)
Mrs. Metzger
  Summative on Operations with Negative Numbers (7.EE.3)   Movie  
Mr. Schiermeister
1. Bottle Rockets Design
2. Forces Reading
3. Imagineering Video
1. The Big Year
1. The Big Year
1. Finish "The Big Year"
2. Bill Nye "Motion"
3. Science World
1. Finish "The Big Year"
2. Bill Nye "Motion"
3. Science World
Social Studies
Mr. Hinderer
Ancient Rome Study Guide
Summative Review
Ancient Rome Study Guide
Summative Review
Rome Summative
Nation Project
Rome Summative
Nation Project
Nation Project
Mr. Schafer
Continue mythology Summative Assessment - Plot & Point of View Summative Assessment - Plot & Point of View Classroom Activity Classroom Activity
A/B Day B A B A B

Bobcat Team Vocabulary

Bobcats Team Vocabulary List (ocx document)
File Size: 50 kb

Bobcats Team - Course Syllabi

Digital Literacy - Mr. Even (pdf document)
File Size: 76.31 kb

Math - Mrs. Metzger (ocx document)
File Size: 251.08 kb

Reading - Mr. Schafer (ocx document)
File Size: 38.91 kb

Social Studies - Mr. Hinderer (pdf document)
File Size: 710.42 kb

PowerSchool Guide

Please use our team's "PowerSchool Guide" to assist you in navigating both the "Quick Lookup" and "Standards Grades" tabs when viewing your child's progress in PowerSchool.

PowerSchool Guide (ocx document)
File Size: 232.75 kb

6th grade Math textbook access

Access your Math Book online (ocx document)
File Size: 2902.11 kb

Bobcats Team

Bobcat Team Information (pub document)
File Size: 133 kb

Clowder Day Participation (ocx document)
File Size: 21.48 kb

School Supply List - 2016-17 (pdf document)
File Size: 78.75 kb

Bobcats Documented Reading Form (ocx document)
File Size: 19.12 kb

Bobcats - Healthy Snacks

Bobcat students may bring a HEALTHY snack to eat during their Block B period class(es) (10:14 - 11:44). Our team will be following our district's nutrition and wellness policy with regards to "healthy" snacks. Please review the document below when selecting healthy snacks.

Healthy Snack Guidelines (pdf document)
File Size: 462.05 kb

Bobcats Staff Members - Grade 6
Name Subject Telephone Extension
Mrs. Metzger Math 5672
Mr. Hinderer Social Studies 5651
Mrs. Schuchard English 5654
Mr. Even Digital Literacy 5688
Mr. Schafer Reading
Team Leader
Mrs. Ciz Family and Consumer Science 5681
Mr. Schiermeister Science 5650
Mrs. Wagner Reading Strategies 5662
Mrs. Peterson Phy. Ed. 5647
Miss Steiner AVID 5682
Bobcats teachers meet everyday between 1:50 and 3:20. Please call during that time if you have any questions or concerns. Extension: 5667

Bobcat Classroom Webpages

Reading (link)

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