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Principals' Corner


Principal's Philosophy

Principal: Mr. Lee Ziegler

Assistant Principal: Ms. Beth Jeide

Wachter Middle School
Phone: 701-323-4650


To communicate the principal's philosophy to students, staff & parents.

Expectations for Self

  • Lead by example (professionally & personally)
  • Promote positive change
  • Communicate with staff, students & parents
  • Challenge staff & students to do their best
  • Promote the middle school philosophy
  • Hire the best staff members

Expectations for Staff

  • "We are family"
    • help to support each other as much as possible
  • Expect & practice change
  • Parent communication - early & often
  • Make adaptations for students as needed
  • Discipline with respect & dignity

Expectations for Parents

  • Be involved in your child's education
  • Attend conferences, open house, concerts, games, etc.
  • Give your time and/or resources to the ‘Parent Advisory Committee'
  • Communicate with the teachers & school
  • Know where your child is & who they are with

Expectations for Students

  • Respect yourself: (examples - be on time, rested & ready to give your best effot)
  • Respect others (students & staff)
  • Be Responsible for your actions/behaviors


  • Wachter Middle School & its dedicated staff exists in order to serve our students
  • We understand that successful students need parents & teachers working as a team
  • We are committed to providing each student the best possible educational experience using all resources at our disposal

I invite your comments & suggestions on how to better serve our students.

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