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Computer Deployment(s)

When will building student and staff computers be replaced? As the Technology Department receives enhancement money for staff and student computer replacement we will apply it to the existing 2015-2019 schedule.

What will buildings receive? Schools up for computer replacement will receive both teacher and student computers (whenever possible). This helps bridge instruction and encourages collaborative learning.

What is the replacement schedule by school (assuming funding)?

2015-2016: Centennial, Grimsrud, Liberty, Miller, Murphy, Northridge, Roosevelt, Saxvik, Will-Moore

2016-2017: Highland Acres, Lincoln, Moses, Myhre, Pioneer, Prairie Rose, Solheim, Sunrise, BECEP

2017-2018: BHS, CHS, LHS, SCHS, BCA

2018-2019Horizon, Simle, Wachter, Hughes, Facilities

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