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Email Services

EduTech Email Procedures

Bismarck Public Schools considers the student email services provided through EduTech as the preferred email for educational activities. Teachers wishing to use email as part of their lessons and student experiences must review the EduTech Acceptable Use Policy with students prior to the account enrollment process. It is recommended that teachers send the EduTech Policy home with students and encourage the parents and students to identify a password together.

Passwords must be at least 8 characters in length and should contain a mixture of upper and lowercase letters as well as numbers. Do not use a single (') or double (") quote or back tick (`) in your password.

EduTech Email AUP and Enrollment Form

EduTech Acceptable Use Policy and Form (link)

This acceptable use policy ensures that use of the EduTech resources by all users is done in an appropriate manner. Use of EduTech services is a privilege and not a right. All users are obligated to respect and protect the rights of every other user and act in a responsible, ethical and legal manner.

The link to the email registration form is at the bottom of the agreement.

Other Strategies and Tips

(1) Parent Awareness/Permission: It is good practice to inform parents of your intentions to enroll students for EduTech email and the purposes for which you will be using the email. You may choose to have all parents sign the EduTech Agreement along with the students or to have parents contact you or sign only in instances where they are not in agreement having email through EduTech.

(2) Unknown Passwords: The Technology Department is able to reset teacher or student passwords. Please email HelpDesk with the subject of EduTech Email.

(3) Teacher access to student accounts: It is not advisable for teachers to store student email passwords. Upon suspicion of inappropriate behavior the administrator or teacher can request a password change and access the account.

(4) What about teachers creating accounts for students? Teachers should not generate accounts for students. Students need to be responsible and informed as they read and accept the Acceptable Use Policy and participate in the enrollment process. Enrolling for an online account is a 21st century skill and teachable moment.

(5) Inappropriate Use: If it is found that a student is abusing the EduTech email privileges his/her account will be disabled and the student will be disciplined according to the Bismarck Schools Acceptable Use Policy and/or the EduTech policy.

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