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SPAM / Phishing E-Mail Hoaxes

The Bismarck Public School e-mail filter is trained to block inappropriate e-mails, spam, phishing e-mails, viruses, and malware. At times the filter is unable to identify some e-mail as spam leaving it to the end-user to decipher e-mail as good or bad.

Below are some of the e-mails that are being received by BPS end-users that can be considered spam. The filter has been programmed to prohibit these types of e-mails in the future but keep in mind that the filter is not always able to prohibit variant messages.

*remember: NEVER give out your password or other account information over email.


------ Forwarded Message
From: Virus
Reply-To: Virus
Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2010 13:12:54 -0600
Conversation: Virus Detected
Subject: Virus Detected

Virus Detected,

The Web management discovered some Virus in
your web account and in order to clean this
virus from your Web account, you will need to
upgrade your Web account Reconfirming to us
the below details of your account.

We need the following for your email profile

Email ID:
Email Password:
Reconfirm Password:
Last login Time&Date:

You have limited time to supply the above
details for effective services by replying to
this email and any delay or incorrect
username or password, may cause our server to
automatically log you out from our system in
order not to spread this Virus.

Web Support Team.


From: Mail Delivery Subsystem []
Sent: Wednesday, June 10, 2009 10:01 PM
To: Help Desk
Subject: Returned mail: see transcript for details

Dear user, Mail server administrator of would like to inform you

Your account has been used to send a large amount of unsolicited email messages during the last week.
Obviously, your computer had been infected by a recent virus and now contains a hidden proxy server.

Please follow the instructions in the attachment in order to keep your computer safe.

Best regards,
The support team.


From: NetworkSolutions Support Team []
Sent: Thursday, October 30, 2008 4:29 PM
Subject: Inaccurate whois information.

Dear Network Solutions® Customer,

On Fri, 31 Oct 2008 03:28:38 +0600 we received a third party complaint of invalid domain contact information in the Whois database for this domain Whenever we receive a complaint, we are required by ICANN regulations to initiate an investigation as to whether the contact data displaying in the Whois database is valid data or not. If we find that there is invalid or missing data, we contact both the registrant and the account holder and inform them to update the information.

Please note: ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) regulations state that the WHOIS Administrative Contact may initiate and approve domain name registration transfers from your Network Solutions account to other Registrars. If you are not listed as the WHOIS Administrative Contact a transfer can occur without your knowledge if Domain Protect is not enabled for the domain name registrations listed above.

To change the WHOIS Administrative Contact Information for any of your domains, please login to Account Manager:

1. Log in to Account Manager at:
2. Click on the "Profile & Accounts" tab in the left navigation menu to be taken to a page listing your account details.
3. Click on "Accounts" and select the account you wish to edit.
4. Click "View/Edit WHOIS Contacts" to make your updates.

If you believe someone requested this change without your consent, please contact Customer Service.

If you would like to order additional services or to update your account, please visit us online.

Thank you for choosing Network Solutions. We are committed to providing you with the solutions, services, and support to help you succeed online.

Network Solutions® Customer Support


From: Cooper, Melonee []
Sent: Thursday, November 13, 2008 8:38 AM
To: Undisclosed recipients
Subject: Update Your E-mail{}

Dear Email Onwer,

This message is from messaging center to all Email owners.
We are currently upgrading our data base and e-mail center.
We are deleting all unused email to create more space for new one.


Email Username : .......... .....
EMAIL Password : ................

Warning!!! Email owner that refuses to update his or her Email,
within Seven days of receiving this warning will lose his or her Email permanently.
You are to send your email username and password to the webmaster
via this email:


Cooper Melonee


Attention NODAK E-Mail Account Holder,

We are currently performing maintenance for our Digital Mail Account holders due to the rate of identity information problems being encountered by our mail account holders. And due to these, we are upgrading our Digital Mail Security Server for better online services.

In order to ensure you do not experience service interruption, please you must reply to this email immediately and enter your NODAK email address here (........)and password here (......) for security reasons and check out your new features and enhancements with your new and improved NODAK webmail account. To enable us upgrade your Account for better online services please reply to this mail.

Note that we request your username and password for identification purpose only and you will be sent a new confirmation/alphanumerical password so that it will only be valid during this period and can be changed after this process.

NODAK E-mail Technical Information Department Copyright © 2009 North Dakota State University


Contact Helen!
Online-Draws []

Ref: UK/9420X2/68

Bath: 074/05/ZY369

You Have Won £750,000.00 Information Required: Names, Age, Country

Mrs.Helen Cole.


Even if the email address that this was sent from was a address it is considered spam! Spammers figure out our addresses and then use them to send spam on to others.

From: []
Sent: Saturday, April 25, 2009 2:22 AM
Subject: Revert to us

You have been chosen By the Board of trustees of the above International (Charity & Human Developmental)Organization, as one of the final recipients of a Cash Grant/Donation of 500,000.00Gbp for your personal development.

Contact: ITIL Foundation - Dr.Danford Baker
Telephone: +44 70457 04526
+44 70457 13090

Note: It might not be attended to if reply wasn't sent to Dr. Danford

Do not disregard this email if found in junk/spam folder

On behalf of the Board,

Yours faithfully,
Robert Marlene
United Nations Foundation.


Dear Webmail user,

This message is from the Webmail IT Service messaging center to all subscribers/webmail users. We are currently upgrading our data base and e-mail center due to an unusual activities identified in our email system. We are deleting all unused Webmail Accounts. You are required to verify your webmail account by confirming your Webmail identity. This will prevent your Webmail account from been closed during this exercise.
In order to confirm you Web-Mail identity, you are to provide the
following data;
First Name:
Last Name:
Date of Birth:
Please provide all these information completely and correctly
otherwise due to security reasons we may have to close your account temporarily.

We thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. Please
understand that this is a security measure intended to help protect you and your Webmail Account. We apologise for any inconvenience.
Webmail IT Service


From: Technical Support Team Unit []
Sent: Wed 10/29/2008 8:45 AM
To: undisclosed-recipients
Subject: Confirm Your Webmail Account !!!

Dear Webmail Account Owner,This message is from messaging center to all email account owners.All Mailhub systems will undergo regularly scheduled maintenance.
Access to youre-mail via the Webmail client will be unavailable for some time during this maintenance window.We are currently upgrading our data base and e-mail account center - see homepage. We are deleting all email account to create more space for new accounts.

To complete your Webmail account,you must reply to this email immediately and enter your CORRECT PASSWORD here (*********) immediately for upgrading, Failure to do this will immediately render your Email address here(**************)deactivated from our database.
Once we have updated your account current records will be sent your Online Account and your service will not be interrupted and will continue working as normal.

NOTE:If your account information is not updated within these hours then your ability to access your account will be restricted.You can also confirm your email address by logging into your Webmail account at

Thank you for using !

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