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123 Order (link)

What number comes next?

Build a Train (link)

Add cars to build your train.

Buzzing with Shapes (link)

Match shapes like tic-tac-toe

Color Count (link)

Color the correct number of objects

Count Us In Games: Find Similar Pictures (link)

Count all the things in the picture that are the same as the one in the count box.

Count Your Chickens (link)

How many chickens do you see?

Counting Game (link)

How many?

Extra Help Grade K (link)

Math help

Fishy Count (link)

How many fish do you see?

Kindergarten Literacy and Math (link)

Month To Month Suggestions for Independent Computer Activites for Center Time

Kindergarten Math - Counting, how many? (link)

Click on the number equal to the number of shapes.

Kindergarten Math - Same or Different (link)

Click on the picture with the same number of items as the example on the left.

Kindergarten Math - Sequencing Numbers (link)

Position the cursor in the box, then use the keyboard to enter the missing number.

Kindergarten Math - The Numbers 1 to 10 (link)

Numbers - Finding Groups of Things from 1 to 10

Let's Count Robots! (link)

Put the correct number of robots in the squares.

Let's Count! (link)

Answer the questions

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