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Parent Resources


"Trying to educate the young
without help and support from
the home is akin to trying to
rake leaves in a high wind.

Pauline B. Gough
Editor, Phi Delta Kappan

Parent Resources

Choosing Good Books (pdf document)
File Size: 376.37 kb

Common Reading Behaviors And What To Do About Them (pdf document)
File Size: 59.37 kb

Help Your Child Become a Reader (pdf document)
File Size: 417.36 kb

Helping Children to Learn About Reading (pdf document)
File Size: 41.86 kb

Helping Your Child Comprehend What He Reads (pdf document)
File Size: 313.42 kb

Parent Guide to Picture Books (pdf document)
File Size: 201.21 kb

Reading Aloud With Your Child (pdf document)
File Size: 352.96 kb

Tips for Parents (pdf document)
File Size: 34.53 kb

Tips for Reading With Your Child (pdf document)
File Size: 52.66 kb

Ways Parents Can Promote Reading At Home (pdf document)
File Size: 60.43 kb

What Should My Child Be Able To Do (pdf document)
File Size: 430.27 kb

Summertime Reading (pdf document)
File Size: 408.86 kb

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