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All About World Geography (link)

Identify World Continents and Oceans. Games for Beginner to Expert.

American Icons (link)

Symbols of America are listed; visit all of the pages.

Ben's Guide (K-2): Symbols of Government (link)

Ben's Guide to Symbols of U. S. Government.

Colonial House - Dress Me Up (link)

In 1628, a colonist in the New World had a limited wardrobe. What might she have worn?

Forgotten Americans, The (link)

Interactive - Build a community using all the elements a family would expect.

Our America - Colonial Period (link)

All about the colonial period: read diaries, make arts & crafts, using online activities you can explore The First Thanksgiving and design a colonial home.

Patriotic Symbols of America (link)

History and meaning behind many patriotic symbols of the United States.

Symbols of the USA (link)

There are many symbols that represent the United States of America. Some of the most popular ones can be examined at this Enchanted Learning website.

U. S. Symbols Thinkquest (link)

A symbol is an object that represents something else. Here we study a few symbols of the United States of America.

World Quiz (link)

Test your geography knowledge.

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